Commercial Outdoor Security Installation


Project Specs:

  • Installation of Security Equipment
  • Digging Trench
  • Installation of underground conduit
  • Backfill of the trench

What We Did:

The customer wanted to add alarm points for a perimeter gate and garage storage building along with access control to the building into the main building and existing security system. In order to do this, an underground CAT 6 cable was run from the perimeter building to the main building and connected to the facilities server. A control panel for the access and alarm points was installed along with a proximity card reader and 3 door position switches (one for the walkthrough door, one through the roll up door and one for the perimeter gate). A trench was dug from the building to the perimeter fence gate. The trench was backfilled and then seeded. The end result was the additional security components added to existing facility giving them more security awareness and access control to the facility and its buildings.