Fire Protection Services

Assured Asset Protection offers industrial and commercial fire protection, as well as comprehensive programs for your facility and property. Assured offers inspection, testing, maintenance and installation of Fire Protection system to NFPA, federal, state and local standards and regulations. We work on all fire alarm, fire suppression (clean agent), fire sprinkler and fire pump systems. All work is performed by national and state and locally licensed and certified technician.

Fire Inspection and Testing

Inspection and testing is done by nationally, state and locally licensed and certified technicians that test and inspect with actually test methods that are approved by NFPA in the Inspection Testing and Maintenance, NFPA 25. Along with annual and semi-annual testing, Assured can also provide sensitivity testing for Fire Alarm systems that don’t have sensitivity capabilities built in. We can additionally develop a customized testing schedule that goes above and beyond what is required.

Fire Prevention Equipment Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance of fire systems, we offer a program where we can track your facility's fire protection systems. This program can encompass equipment for each fire protection system component, from individual smoke detectors to sprinkler risers and well as fire extinguishers. Our program allows us to generate reports for our customer that can help with budgeting and cost analysis. When it comes to maintenance and repair, we always use manufacturer-supplied equipment or have the equipment repaired by the supplier if applicable.


Installation is done in accordance with all federal, state and local building codes. We work with the manufacturer and supplier to make sure our customers are getting the systems and components that fit their specific needs and not overpaying for systems that don’t.

Fire Suppression

Fire suppression systems work to protect your building and your property by deploying a combination of specialized chemicals and wet agents designed to put out fires quickly. Because of their ability to control fire damage and keep flames from spreading, fire suppression systems are an absolute necessity across industries. Fire suppression systems are triggered through the use of fire detecting methods, and the systems get to work immediately to control a flame.