Fire Suppression

We use the safest and most effective fire suppression compounds on the market.

At Assured Asset Protection, we work with the DMX 200 and MX 1230 systems, known for being some of the most effective fire suppression systems in the industry. These systems work with the compound 3M Novec, a safe chemical known for its ability to suppress fire and leave electronics undamaged. With low toxicity, no ozone depletion, low global warming potential and an atmospheric lifetime of just five days (compared with traditional Halon’s atmospheric lifetime of 110 years), 3M Novec works quickly, is environmentally friendly and leaves little to no residue behind. 3M Novec is specially designed to replace the Halon in existing Halon systems, and because of its specificity, only certain manufacturers are certified to work with it. As a company that is certified to work with 3M Novec, we use special 725 psi storage tanks that take up very little space. In addition, our high pressure cylinders allow the chemical to be pushed farther into the fire suppression mechanism. This process makes installations quick and efficient.

Stay prepared and protected.

While an accidental fire isn’t something enjoyable to consider, the reality is that anything can happen. The best way to ensure that your property remains protected is to be proactive with your fire suppression systems. Even the smallest of blazes can have disastrous consequences if not properly planned for, and in many worst-case scenarios, entire businesses have been affected in long-term ways by a fire. The systems we install are capable of protecting multiple areas from one supply agent, and the fire suppressant will only be deployed in the areas that need it. While we hope a fire never happens to you or your business, at Assured Asset Protection, we’re here to help make sure you’re ready and protected in the event that it does.