Security Services

At Assured Asset Protection, we do everything from installation to inspection, testing and maintenance. When it comes to CCTV, IP cameras, perimeter protection, physical access security and more, we’ve got you covered.

Security Inspections & Testing

We provide customized security inspection and testing for any and all security systems. Whether you want your system tested monthly or annually, we determine if it’s functioning properly and troubleshoot the problem if it isn’t. We’re capable of tracking locations and alarms, and we make sure they’re in compliance and meet the necessary regulations at all times. We’re proud of our qualification to work on critical infrastructure protection, and we’re always North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) compliant. Critical infrastructure protection (CIP) standards are very intensive and stringent, but we’re proud to meet them consistently each and every day.

Security Maintenance

When it comes to security maintenance, we help countless organizations and individuals proactively keep system costs down. We use programs that can track battery use, log inventory and create a forward-thinking maintenance plan. We can even barcode every component of your system to allow us to keep track of when it’s been checked. Tracking and planning maintenance schedules ahead of time allows companies to budget and maintain optimum safety at all times.

Security Installation

We perform the skillful installation of your security system, including everything from the physical access security technology to the cameras, hardware and other physical components. While we’re able to provide you with the hardware you need, we’re also comfortable and skilled working with your existing security components. We’ll even take a look at your current system and recommend programs and systems that would best suit your needs going forward.