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Safety training.

Assured is certified to teach both the 10 and 30-hour OSHA General Industry course which is an excellent building block for job specific OSHA training. Assured also can provide “Passport” training which is required by several local industries, including Eon-US, Louisville Gas & Electric, Kentucky Utilities and others, in order to work on their properties as well as many other OSHA specific fields of training.

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Fire Extinguisher / Suppression training

From “Incipient” Fire Extinguisher Training to “Interior Structural Fire Fighting” provided by former and current state certified Fire Service instructors specializing in Firefighter Electrical Safety. Fire Extinguisher training can be “indoor” digital based training or an Environmentally “Green” live fire trainer using water base extinguishers on a controlled propane fueled flame. Either training can be combined with class room instruction on extinguisher use and selection for a comprehensive training program meeting OSHA Subpart -L requirements and NFPA 1403 Live Fire Training Evolutions

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Assured can provide routine or audit inspection to ensure your compliance with RCRA, Sarah Title III and other environmental regulations and has inspectors trained through LION Technologies Inc.

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